We are a family of 4 living in the midlands in the Republic of Ireland. When our eldest son was as young as 18 months old he started refusing to wear certain items of clothing, including tops and socks. It became amusing to family and friends when he was a toddler, disappearing and then returning with all of his clothes in his hands because he was uncomfortable. This resulted in us spending hours looking for clothes without labels and with soft seams. We even became quite the professionals at label removal when needed! ​Later on, we discovered he was showing signs of sensory processing issues and a hypersensitivity towards clothing. After years of endless heartache in trying to make our son comfortable in his everyday clothing, trying to source these items in Ireland, and getting him to leave his clothes on (!) it has lead us to decide to become a provider of seamless and label free soft clothing, to help ease some of the stresses placed on other families with children with sensory processing issues, sensory processing disorder (SPD) Autism (ASD) to name but a few.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and we are more then happy to answer any queries you might have.

The Sandison Family